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"Don't Waste Your Time" Limited edition vinyl via Lone Fir Records

"Don't Waste Your Time" Limited edition vinyl via Lone Fir Records.
Ships on or before Nov. 6th
“Mark my words, this band is going to be everywhere in the next couple of years.” - Metal Injection
“Killer guitar melodies with a distinct g
othic rock influence and stentorian vocal style.” - Decibel Magazine
“The music is entirely engrossing from start to finish, with some familiar vibes while keeping an open and fresh approach that has some pretty wide crossover appeal once word of mouth gets out about them. Idle Hands are onto something huge here if they play their cards right. 9/10” - Dead
“Somehow this band has managed to bridge the sound & likes of Iron Maiden and The Sisters Of Mercy (among others)... all while making it sound effortless.”
- Jake Superchi, UADA
“Gabriel Franco and crew have nailed the intersection between darker power ballads and gloomy gothic rock/post punk that’s sure to remind listeners of a number of different bands without falling too closely to one formula. 9/10”
- Metal Trenches
“Don’t Waste Your Time” offers everything from striking vocals to ingenious metal melodies and innovative drumming to take the heart of the scene by storm.
- Trvefrykt Zine.
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