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Thanks to Darkscene Austria for giving Idle Hands "Album Of The Week" and a...

Thanks to Darkscene Austria for giving Idle Hands "Album Of The Week" and a DOUBLE review of "Don't Waste Your Time" Links below.
"The only small deficiency left to fight for the first full-length, in my opinion, is just the light lethargy that so
metimes ensnares you and I still can not say for sure whether it's for the sound or for that which sometimes owes a little to emotionless seeming vocals.
The big plus of IDLE HANDS, however, is in any case that they are quite unique and stand alone with their in all respects "untrendful" sound in 2018. This sovereignty and strong compositions make it easy to ignore all the little teething troubles, and just as much a bold and confident "exceptional" bonus is all the more valuable in times where every second new band embarks in the wake of big acts or common trends.
"Do not Waste Your Time" is without a doubt one of the most interesting and best new discoveries of the year and IDLE HANDS are one of the few "new" bands where you really feel that in the future something big might come .."
"Especially the vocals of guitarist and vocalist Gabriel Franco create this unmistakable eighties electro, dark, psychedelic touch, while the guitars create a nice metallic sound and melodies. It is remarkable, however, that neither keyboards nor synths are used and nevertheless an extremely dense and dark but warm atmosphere is conjured.
Of all the superb 5 songs, "Can You Hear The Rain" stands out for me. (See video below). "Do not Waste Your Time" is one of those albums that go straight to your ear but still reveals new nuances and details every time you go through them. Time will tell whether it is the fall autumn with its melancholy, which adds to the charm of the album and whether the songs will work in the summer. Anyway, the 20 minutes of "Do not Waste Your Time" make me really addicted and I promise everyone who speaks to him, that he certainly will not "waste his time"."
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